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Our HazelGo!™ service jumpstarts the collection and organization of your corporate trade secrets. Once these valuable assets have been collected and organized, then your company will be able to maintain them going forward.  Scroll down for more information.

Organize Your Corporate Trade Secret Closet with HazelGo!™


messy-closet1If your company’s trade secrets were a closet, would they even be as tidy as the closet on the left? We’ve heard from plenty of companies that their trade secrets are such a mess that they’re afraid to try organizing them for fear that such a project would consume personnel resources that they don’t have to spare or would simply cost too much.

Our HazelGo!service provides a dedicated team of professionals who will organize your trade secret metadata under NDA. Once this trade secret information has been organized, then we believe that most of our clients will be able to maintain their trade secrets going forward without extra strain on their existing resources.

Our Hazel teams can typically organize corporate trade secret metadata faster than most law firms and at lower cost. Our teams can comprise attorneys, IP attorneys, engineers, scientists, and a variety of other professionals as needed for a given engagement.

walk_in_closet_-_expandable_closet_rod_and_shelfOur Hazel teams can also provide training in how to best integrate Hazel into your company’s routine practices and procedures.

We can also provide a trade secret auditing service, as well, for companies interested in ranking their trade secrets to help them understand which trade secrets merit extra protection and attention.

Hazel teams can also test the integrity of a company’s trade secrets on request.

We can also provide a third-party valuation service as needed.

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