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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

The Challenges in Keeping a Trade Secret

Keeping vital corporate assets as a trade secret presents a number of obstacles, but making the effort to retain secrets is worth all the trouble.

The FBI Explains Why Your Company Needs Hazel – Watch The FBI’s Movie Here

The FBI has made a film based on a real-life trade secret theft that explains why companies need systems like Hazel. Watch the film and see for yourself!

Trade Secret Management in an Era of Open Innovation and Employee Mobility

Corporations are much more open now than they were in the past. This new era of openness calls for increasing rigor in the management of vital trade secret assets.

Non-Disclosure Agreements and Trade Secrets

Non-disclosure agreements protect trade secrets and other important corporate business assets.  Thus, it is important to treat NDAs seriously.

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

As companies increase their tracking and protection of valuable corporate trade secrets, insurance products will become more desired for these valuable corporate assets

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

Companies must track their trade secret metadata. Yes, trade secrets are not registered, which makes it all the more important to track the metadata. Yes, trade secrets are secrets, and not keeping track of a secret is a great way to lose it.