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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

Law Firms – Client Retention Using Hazel for Trade Secret Services

Use the Hazel trade secret tool to bind your firm closer to its corporate clients for trade secrets and many other services.

Does Your Trade Secret Program Measure Up? Take the London Business School Trade Secret Survey

Take the London Business School’s trade secret survey and find out how your company’s practices compare with other companies.

Managing Confidential Trade Secrets Belonging to Others

Modern companies must share trade secrets with others in order to stay competitive. No company is an island. However, sharing confidential information requires skill and diligence.

How Many Trade Secrets are There Worldwide?

How many trade secrets are there worldwide? Our best guess – 140 million. See why.

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

As companies increase their tracking and protection of valuable corporate trade secrets, insurance products will become more desired for these valuable corporate assets

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

Companies must track their trade secret metadata. Yes, trade secrets are not registered, which makes it all the more important to track the metadata. Yes, trade secrets are secrets, and not keeping track of a secret is a great way to lose it.