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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

An IP Firm’s Business Development in Trade Secret Services (Case Study)

Case study: One IP firm’s implementation of a new trade secret service for its clients.

Trade Secret Asset Management is Now a Business Critical Issue

It’s morning in the trade secret world. Find out how trade secret assets are receiving more attention than ever. Trade secret protection may change the way you do business.

Law Firms – Client Retention Using Hazel for Trade Secret Services

Use the Hazel trade secret tool to bind your firm closer to its corporate clients for trade secrets and many other services.

Trade Secret Asset Management (Case Study)

Trade secret asset management has been neglected by many companies historically. However, this a vital area that can no longer be ignored.

The Valuable Trade Secrets in Your Factory

Secrets — Most factories are awash with useful know-how and valuable trade secrets! Trade secret asset management might have been historically neglected by many factory managers. However, increasing competition among companies worldwide places a premium on...