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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

As companies increase their tracking and protection of valuable corporate trade secrets, insurance products will become more desired for these valuable corporate assets

Corporate Trade Secret Practice to Change When New OECD Tax Rules Hit

Corporate trade secret practices are set to change when the OECD’s member states implement the organization’s new tax rules that aim to close corporate tax loopholes.

Defend Trade Secrets Act Shakes Up Corporate America

The Defend Trade Secrets Act has shaken up the corporate world. Companies now need to review their trade secrets and enact policies for protecting them.

OECD Defines Trade Secrets Broadly as Intangible Assets

The OECD’s BEPS guidelines define trade secrets using the language of accountancy. IP attorneys should note the subtle shift from legal intangibles to intangible assets.

The Valuable Trade Secrets in Your Factory

Secrets — Most factories are awash with useful know-how and valuable trade secrets! Trade secret asset management might have been historically neglected by many factory managers. However, increasing competition among companies worldwide places a premium on...