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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

Cybersecurity and Trade Secret Asset Management

Your trade secret asset management tool can also help your corporate cybersecurity by identifying files requiring extra security.

Establishing a Trade Secret Culture – Baby Steps

How to build a trade secret culture – baby steps. Good management practices do not suggest going from no trade secret program to a fully completed one overnight.

How Many Trade Secrets are There Worldwide?

How many trade secrets are there worldwide? Our best guess – 140 million. See why.

Defend Trade Secrets Act Shakes Up Corporate America

The Defend Trade Secrets Act has shaken up the corporate world. Companies now need to review their trade secrets and enact policies for protecting them.

Do Your 2017 IP Plans Include Trade Secrets?

Do Your 2017 IP Plans Include Trade Secrets?

Secrets — In-house legal departments are making their plans for 2017 and many of them are contemplating a renewed emphasis on trade secrets. Managers who allocate at least some attention to trade secrets and trade secret asset management in their 2017 action plans may...