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The Hazel Trade Secret Asset Management System helps corporations collect, organize, study, and report metadata related to their trade secrets as well as trade secrets entrusted to them by third parties. Companies may find Hazel helpful across a variety of departments and functions such as tax, M&A, due diligence, as well as intellectual property.

Hazel has already been employed by European corporations to enhance their trade secrets protection mechanisms, such as this company who is using Hazel to expand and improve the quality of their internal protection and handling of trade secrets. Companies can also use Hazel to help them manage third party trade secrets whose care has been entrusted to them.

Trade secrets are becoming a critical business issue for many clients due to various legal changes related to trade secrets and other legal changes that have improved the relative importance of trade secrets. Because of these changes, many companies are now beginning to realize that they need to attend to their valuable corporate trade secrets.

Hazel aims to make protection of your corporate trade secrets easy.

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Hazel Overview for Corporations (2016) by The Hazel Team on Scribd