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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

Building a Corporate Trade Secret Asset Management Processes

Companies must design, develop and deploy a robust fit for purpose trade secret asset management process given the growing importance of trade secrets to all businesses.

Non-Disclosure Agreements and Trade Secrets

Non-disclosure agreements protect trade secrets and other important corporate business assets.  Thus, it is important to treat NDAs seriously.

Cybersecurity and Trade Secret Asset Management

Your trade secret asset management tool can also help your corporate cybersecurity by identifying files requiring extra security.

Establishing a Trade Secret Culture – Baby Steps

How to build a trade secret culture – baby steps. Good management practices do not suggest going from no trade secret program to a fully completed one overnight.

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

Insuring Corporate Trade Secrets

As companies increase their tracking and protection of valuable corporate trade secrets, insurance products will become more desired for these valuable corporate assets

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

The Growing Importance of Trade Secret Metadata

Companies must track their trade secret metadata. Yes, trade secrets are not registered, which makes it all the more important to track the metadata. Yes, trade secrets are secrets, and not keeping track of a secret is a great way to lose it.