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Trade Secret News from the Hazel Team

Start-Up Companies – Never Too Small for Trade Secrets

Start-up companies must care about their trade secrets from their very beginning. Otherwise, they may find their unique value just blowing away.

Building a Corporate Trade Secret Asset Management Processes

Companies must design, develop and deploy a robust fit for purpose trade secret asset management process given the growing importance of trade secrets to all businesses.

Trade Secret Asset Management is Now a Business Critical Issue

It’s morning in the trade secret world. Find out how trade secret assets are receiving more attention than ever. Trade secret protection may change the way you do business.

Trade Secret Management in an Era of Open Innovation and Employee Mobility

Corporations are much more open now than they were in the past. This new era of openness calls for increasing rigor in the management of vital trade secret assets.

The Valuable Trade Secrets in Your Factory

The Valuable Trade Secrets in Your Factory

Secrets — Most factories are awash with useful know-how and valuable trade secrets! Trade secret asset management might have been historically neglected by many factory managers. However, increasing competition among companies worldwide places a premium on...

What are the Reasonable Steps to Protecting Trade Secrets?

What are the Reasonable Steps to Protecting Trade Secrets?

What are the reasonable steps to take in protecting trade secrets? Trade secrets are an important, but a transparent if not invisible part of a company’s IP portfolio, and their transparency makes it all too easy for companies to overlook their protection.